Denman Brushes

I have a friend who is also on a healthy hair journey, whom I shall call Lady C. Lady C has been blogging vicariously through me. I’ll not hear from her for ages and then suddenly she’ll be like T, have you tried whatchyamacallit or heard of thingymybob and I’ll either be like “yawn…I’ve got five of em” or “OMG, I need that right now!” Quite often our interactions result in me finding inspiration for the blog and true to form, Lady C has struck again. Yesterday I received an email from her which basically said “It’s all about Denman brushes, you need to get a Denman brush” and I lazily replied that I had three of them. It got me thinking though, I know about them, she knows about them, but do YOU know about them?

Denman brushes are the shizzle people. I don’t care if you’ve got brillo pad hair or freshly born baby hair, these brushes are amazing. I actually stumbled upon them by accident years ago before I even knew what a deep conditioning treatment was. All I knew was that the brush made wrapping my hair easier and I’ve been using it ever since. It wasn’t until I started skulking around the hair care forums that I discovered how adored and worshiped the brushes actually are. Texlaxed heads love them, relaxed heads love them, natural heads love them, even Caucasian heads love them. They truly are the closest thing to a universal brush you’ll find.

They come in various sizes, colours and serve many functions but easily the most recognisable and widely used is the D3 brush. It’s a medium sized styling brush with 7 rows of nylon pins that glide through hair like a hot knife through butter. Other than smoothing or wrapping hair, these brushes are also great for detangling natural hair. The trick is to saturate the hair in a detangling solution first then start at the ends working your way up the hair shaft section by section. I once used this method on a cousin of mine. She’s 13 and seems to permanently speak at a whiny high pitched frequency. This pitch gets substantially higher when it’s time to detangle her hair and she complains bitterly about it. When I used my Denman brush on her, home girl shut up!! That’s how good this brush is. You can find loads of reviews and tutorials on Youtube and LongHaircareForum extolling the virtues of this brush and if you haven’t got one already, I would strongly suggest you got get it!