I finally got a filter for the shower

It looks like June is the month of fulfillment for me. In addition to getting my steam straightener, I’ve also been able to solve my hard water problems. In a previous post, I described the problems hard water was causing my hair and the various solutions available to me. One of these solutions was a shower filter and luckily for me, our shower head broke recently…with absolutely no help whatsoever from me. After much wrangling, I managed to convince the hubby that getting a filter head was the smart choice. He really cares about his skin and when I told him it would make his skin softer and less prone to drying out, he was sold!!

I had originally planned on getting a filter from The Sensitive Skincare Company which fits between the hose and shower head but since we needed to replace the whole shower head; and I didn’t want to cough up twice, I went looking again. I found this lovely all in one Spring Shower Filter Handle from Aquatiere which does exactly what I need.

“This Spring Shower Filter Handle is fitted in seconds and provides naturally healthy, chlorine free water for showering. The Spring Shower filter contains our own ceramic filter media CERAMET which controls bacteria, reduces scale and enhances pH balance for the healthiest most refreshing shower ever and softer skin and hair. Using our unique shower filters is like showering in natural spring water”

Check me out huh, I’m gonna be showering in natural spring water. I’m going to do a full months test before I report back but suffice to say, I’m very excited.