One for the kids: Chocolate Me! Book

I love me some Taye Diggs. In fact in our family he’s known as ‘Taiye’ with full Nigerian accent and all!! So when I discovered his royal hotness had co-written a book for children celebrating the beauty of being black, I fell in love with him all over again. Chocolate Me is aimed for children ages 4 and up. The main character is teased for looking different i.e. darker skin and curly hair. He tells his mother he wishes he could be more like everyone else and she helps him to see how beautiful he is.

“For years before they both achieved acclaim in their respective professions, good friends Taye Diggs and Shane W. Evans wanted to collaborate on Chocolate Me!, a book based on experiences of feeling different and trying to fit in as kids. Now, both men are fathers and see more than ever the need for a picture book that encourages all people, especially kids, to love themselves.”


From the reviews the book has been getting, it looks like it would make for great bed time reading for any little munchkin. I think I might buy a couple of copies for my various nieces, nephews and cousins.

Here’s what reviewers from amazon had to say:

“I never write reviews, so this book really has touched me. My daughter is 2 years old and throughout the day she requests her “Chocolate Me” several times. I never get tired of reading it to her because it flows easy and visually it is very pleasing to the eyes. The message is quite clear- love who you are even if you look different from your friends. This book is not for kids that are “chocolate”, but for all kids whose parents actually want to teach them about diversity and how sometimes the things we say to our friends can hurt their feelings. As I read this to my daughter I point out different things and say things like, “Don’t cry little boy you are beautiful” to let her know that even though his friends question his looks he is chocolate and beautiful.”

“This is a wonderful book, I read it, read it numerous times to my 2 year old grandson, he loved it. I originally purchased for my 9 year old granddaughter because she has a complex about her “ebony” colored skin. She loved it…we’ve decided to leave this book at my parent’s house in order for all the kids (even the “Big” kids to read and enjoy it. I listened to Taye Diggs on a radio talk show promoting his book and decided to purchase it immediately and I’m glad I did. Any book that can hold a 2 year old’s attention and a request to be read again, and to hear him repeat the phrase “Chocoloate Me” while the book is being read to him, is rated “excellent” by me!”

“This book touches on bullying, cultural awareness, and restoring self confidence. I enjoyed reading this book to my boys because they had questions that opened a dialogue. They and all children are to embrace their unique and beautiful flavors, and others ad well, and be able to make posiitive changes to our world.”


Product Corner | As I Am Hydration Elation

“Scheduled maintenance with this deep-down hydrating and fortifying treatment is a must for strong, shiny, soft, springy coils and curls. This rich penetrating conditioner is an exceptional composition of extracts of coconut, sugar cane, green tea, apple and lemon, shea butter, vitamin E and proven hair fortifiers.”


· Moisturizes deep within the hair shaft

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Aqueous (Water, Aqua Purificada, Purified) Extracts: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) and Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine)¹, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil², Coco-Caprylate², Quaternium-91, Cetrimonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin¹, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Phytosterols¹, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract¹ (Green Tea), Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract¹, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Extract¹, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Stalk Extract¹, Fragrance/Parfum, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glucose, Lactoperoxidase, Glucose Oxidase, Abies Balsamea (Balsam Canada) Extract¹, Limonene


It has very thick custard like consistency and is light pink in colour which threw me off at first (I hate pink). It applies easily and is absorbed very quickly. You can feel the softening effects of it straight away. This product also smells like a tropical dream.

Creamy goodness!

Moisture all the way. This is a deeply hydrating conditioner.


Almost as good My Kerastaste Nutri-Thermique Masque. The reason why I say almost is that my natural roots seem to like this product far more than my relaxed ends. It leaves my new growth super soft and manageable even when dry.


Medium I’d say. Because the product is so thick and creamy the slip isn’t very high or obvious. Some with thicker, dryer hair may need to use some sort of detangler in conjunction with this product. I however have no problems detangling under the running shower with a wide-tooth after applying it.


It left my hair feeling soft for days. What I love most about this product is that the results are the same however I use it. I can use it as a quick 5 min conditioner and get the same results as if I’d done a 20 min deep condition session with heat!


My scalp is very happy with this product and I’ve had no flare ups due to using it.


As I am appears to be a particularly well thought out range and there’s something for everyone within the range. The quality of ingredients is really high with good use of natural ingredients. This conditioner has now replaced my ORS + Roux combo as a back-up conditioner, it just works much better. The only issue for me is that it’s not as moisturizing on my relaxed ends but that’s only an issue because I’m transitioning. I have a feeling that it will become my main conditioner once I’m fully natural.