Hot off the Press | NoScrunchie, Afro Salon Review Website

In this country, finding a reputable salon which caters to black hair has always been difficult. This is mainly because the UK hairdressing industry is poorly regulated and unlike the US where you need a cosmetology licence, any old Tom, Dick or Harry can set up a hair salon. I’ve had one or two close shaves (sometimes literally) with some dodgy salons myself.

Well NoScrunchie, the UK’s first salon ratings website for Afro hair is here to help makes things easier. The brainchild of Leillah Sekalala, NoScrunchie was developed as a result of Leillah’s many bad experiences in the salons she visited after moving from Uganda to the UK. The NoScrunchie website allows you to rate your salon experience which in turn helps other users when looking for a good salon. There is also a weekly blog and forum where users can ask questions, offer their own hair tips and advice and generally be a part of the NoScrunchie community.

I’m natural…now what? | What I’ve noticed since going natural

I’ve noticed that I really like straight hair…..not what you were expecting huh??? Y’all thought I’d be singing the praises of my lovely curly tresses didn’t ya. Well the truth is that since going natural, the thing I notice the most is everybody else’s straight hair. I think it’s mostly because it reminds me of what I used to have and it’s also a touch of that whole grass is greener thing (when I was relaxed all I noticed was natural hair). Don’t get me wrong, I’m LOVING having natural hair and can’t see myself changing any time soon but every time I see an old picture of me with my relaxed hair I do get a kick of nostalgia especially for my length. That old saying that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone really is true.

Whilst I’ve been missing my straight hair I have also been enjoying my curly one too. I keep touching my hair in wonder that I spent so many years running away in blind fear from such a harmless thing. Each new day, I’m learning something new about my hair, for instance I have like 5 different textures and curl patterns going on in my barnet. There are some areas where the curls are luscious spirals of curly goodness, others are more beautfiully kinky and coily and then there’s this section that’s just confused.

The best word I can use to describe the texture there is indeterminate!! It really doesn’t know what it wants to be so it sort of starts curly then goes all wavy and finally just gives up at the end. It’s actually kind of cute, if a little annoying to style. I’m also still astounded at how much water my hair chugs down, it behaves like a long distance runner in the middle of a marathon!! but it’s discovering these little foibles peculiar to my hair that I’m most enjoying and though they can sometimes be challenging, they are actually quite rewarding. That sense of achievement when you finally perfect the twist-out or that inevitable moment when shrinkage kicks in and your length disappears into the magical land of missing fros. It’s fun, different and like all new things, very exciting.

Natural Inspiration | Yara Shahidi

You may have seen our latest natural inspiration Yara Shahidi, in various ads for big names such as Ralph Lauren, GapKids and Guess Kids or acting alongside big names such as Eddie Murphy, Angelina Jolie and most recently Tyler Perry in the movie Alex Cross. This rising star’s style is always on point and I love how she’s repping for the young naturalistas out there.

Natural Inspiration | Skai Jackson

I was idly flicking through TV channels recently when I stumbled across this natural cutie on the Disney Channel. Her name is Skai Jackson and she’s one of the stars of the Disney channel show Jessie. Her beautiful natural hair had me hooked from the get go, but she’s also a very talented actress. I’m all about encouraging the younger generation to love and enjoy their natural hair and this little diva knows how to work it. It’s great to see some inspiration I can show my nieces and cousins and hopefully one-day, daughters.