An Ode to As I am Cleansing Pudding

As I am Cleansing Pudding, how I love thee….let me count the ways

1.  The way you cleanse and moisturise at the same time. My hair is left feeling really clean yet soft and smooth.

2.  Your thick sulphate free consistency which makes application easy and quite frankly fun.

3.  The slip…nuff said!!

4.  Your smell, like a coconutty tropical paradise….I could eat you (but I won’t coz that would be just ewwwww)

5.  The way you pack a punch – a little really does go a long way

6.  The way you make my curls POP!!

7.  The way you lather yet don’t, it’s weird but wonderful.

8.  The fact that you are the ONLY thing currently able to keep my SD flare-ups in check. Without you I would be in dry and itchy scalp hell!!

9.  The way you get along so well with Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm. You truly are a moisture match made in heaven.

10. That you’re widely available in the UK