Summer ’15 | Product Favourites

Joliette Curl Me Soft Moisturiser

One of the goodies I picked up at the first United Kurls Learn & Lounge event. This moisturiser leaves my hair feeling so soft and given my hair is bleached, that’s takes a lot of doing.

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

A favourite of many curlies out there, I wouldn’t be without this styler when shingling or doing my twist outs. Soft, pliable hold with great definition.

Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Fortifying Anti-Breakage Conditioner

Something I picked up in the States earlier this year and unfortunately no longer seems to be available from CD. It has the most delicious smell; I use it to co-wash as it cleanses my hair whilst leaving it soft and easy to detangle.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque

After reading rave reviews about this product, I thought I’d try it out and I’m glad I did. My hair literally melts on contact with this stuff. One of the most softening and hydrating conditioners I’ve tried.

Motions Pre-wash Detangling Butter

This product is EVERYTHING!! I live in wash and gos and my hair is usually a nest of tangles by the end of the week. This product has literally saved me hours and tears in my detangling routine. Whether applied to dry or damp hair, it cuts through tangles like a samurai on crack!

Joliette Hydrating Mist

A great refresher for restoring parched curls, this hydrating mist leaves my hair smelling fruity and gorgeous.

Miss E’s First Big Chop

In short, I looked at Miss E’s hair and thought, that has to go. In truth I’ve been wanting to cut her hair for ages but I was terribly attached to it and kept having moments of ‘won’t she look like a boy?’ Her hair has been growing in a very uneven manner for a while now, the middle grows like wild fire but the back and sides were struggling a lot. It was becoming difficult to style her hair and her first birthday seemed a good milestone for her first big chop.

I honestly wasn’t sure how to go about doing it, do I take her to the hairdresser or barber? Break out daddy’s clippers? In the end, I went on good old trusty Youtube and found this awesome video of MarieAntoinetteTV doing a tapered cut on her son. Luckily, I’m pretty confident with scissors and Miss E knows how to be still. I would not recommend this option to anyone and know that if you do it yourself, you do so at your own risk.

I’m pretty happy with the cut. I didn’t make the sides and back as short as in the video and it’s not perfect by any means, but it looks presentable. It’s made washing, combing and generally looking after her hair easier and her sleep cap fits like a dream. Her hair has also been growing back much more evenly since the cut.