June 2018 Favourite Products

This month I’ve really been paying closer attention to the products I use on mine and my daughter’s hair. Other than making sure they are as healthy as I can make them, it’s also important that they are effective and produce results on our hair. My hair texture is very different to my girls so we can’t always use the same products. Miss E has a much coarser texture, with thick strands and high density, whilst Miss Dimples hair is finer and lower density. I sit somewhere in the middle. So here is a run down of our favourite products.

1. Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter – £17.49 (8oz)

This is my go to product when I’m either twisting Miss E’s hair or doing a Twist out on mine. It is an incredibly rich product so a little goes a long way. In fact it’s way too rich for Miss Dimples hair. It provides incredible moisture and softness with a light and flexible hold.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – £9.27 (946ml)

I have started adding apple cider vinegar to my water spritz, particularly when detangling my hair. I have medium to high porosity hair so it helps flatten my hair cuticles to lock moisture in longer and whilst detangling reduces friction. I also use it as a final rinse for all of us as is restores the hair and scalp’s natural ph, has antibacterial and anti fungal properties and adds shine.

3. Jim & Henry Eight Leave-in Conditioner – £13.50 (180ml)

This conditioner has been a fantastic addition to my product arsenal. Despite only containing 8 ingredients its incredibly effective. It softens and moisturises my hair for days and its light texture makes is fantastic for the LOC or LCO method.

4. Funky Soap Butter Shampoo Bar – £4.20 (120g)

Miss Dimples had a recent flair up of dry scalp and whilst I attempted to figure out what the causes was I switched to using this shampoo bar on her hair. It is so rich and full of fantastic oils and butters yet still cleans her hair well. I bought it because I wanted to cut out the conditioning process in her wash routine and this shampoo bar allows me to do that. I follow up with an ACV rinse to remove any waxy residue and prevent the build-up of soap scum, which can be caused by using soap in hard water areas. I love this soap so much, I now use on both mine and Miss E’s hair too.

5. Equi Botanics Marula Oil Leave-in Conditioner – £30 (200ml)

Miss E’s hair adores this product, mostly because it’s incredible rich and concentrated. Packed full of some truly awesome ingredients like marula oil, baobab extract, slippery elm and horsetail, it’s a triple duty product. It works as the liquid, oil and cream step combined saving time and product. Whilst it doesn’t come cheap, it is definitely worth it as you get what you pay for.

When soft hair becomes a bad thing!

I’m guilty of committing a rookie hair care mistake. I’m still experiencing a bit of postpartum shedding though it has slowed down considerably. However because I’m so used to seeing quite a few strand of hair on washdays it took a bit longer than it should have to realise I was dealing with a bit of breakage. It wasn’t until I noticed my hair tangling a lot whilst flat twisting that I stopped to examine some of the shed hair. Now I knew the breakage wasn’t due to dryness as my hair is super soft at the moment…too soft but I’ll get back to that in a moment. I immediately clarified my hair to get rid of any potential build-up on my scalp and hair but the tangling and breakage still persisted. So I did an elasticity test on wet hair and my hair just kept on stretching, till it was almost double in length before breaking and the light bulb finally went off in my head…I needed protein.

If you don’t already know, hair straddles a fine line between moisture and protein, as it needs both to be truly healthy. Protein gives hair its structure and strength but too much makes it hard, brittle and prone to breakage. Moisture on the other hand gives hair its elasticity, makes it pliable and soft, but too much is definitely a bad thing and you’ll get mushy, limp hair that’s too stretchy and that also leads to breakage.

When I had relaxed hair, protein was a staple in my regimen and product arsenal because my hair needed it. But since being natural, it’s something I’m often guilty of slacking on. I also LOVE rich moisturising conditioners and leave-ins, which really hasn’t helped matters. Once I realised the issue I immediately did an intensive protein treatment using Protein Defence + from Enitan Healthy Hair Studio. It’s basically pure hydrolysed protein that can be added to any moisturising conditioner and turns it into a one step protein treatment. Usually a protein treatment has to be followed by a moisturising conditioner in order to soften hair. I’m a busy mum so anything that cuts down my wash routine immediately gets a thumbs-up. Because my hair was super elastic I added a bit of hydrolysed Baobab Protein also to really intensify the treatment.

The results were immediate, my hair felt less mushy, springier and stronger and the breakage was reduced significantly. It took a while for my hair to become over moisturised and it will also take a little bit of time to fix it. I plan to add protein to my weekly conditioning session for the next month or so.