Baby Talk | Finger Coils on Miss E

Miss E’s hair is getting pretty long now. It pretty thick too except in the back where she’s got a bit of a Friar Tuck situation going on. Its also starting to knot up and picking up lint like no-one’s business. Up till now I’ve left her hair well alone and I’ve just kept it moisturised and detangled with water and shea butter. However, I think it’s now time to start styling her hair. I’ve been playing around with her hair to see how she handles me touching, making parts and putting in elastic bands. She’s fairly tolerant as long as she’s well fed and I put on an episode of Doc McStuffins (she adores this show).

 I decided to start simple and try finger coils. They are quick to do, don’t require any elastic bands and make for a very low-tension style. My biggest problem was getting access to the back of her head and how to keep her hair out of the way after I’d made a parting.  To solve the back of the head problem I did the front, middle and sides of her hair whilst she was in her high chair then I put her in this little contraption.

It is very low to the ground however, so against the manufacturers guidelines I did prop it on top of a very wide foot stool. I just made sure to attach the food tray and never left her unattended whilst elevated. Keeping her hair out of the parts was a little trickier as her hair is too short for clips and grips are too fiddly. In the end I discovered that my hair combs did a magnificent job of keeping her loose hair out of the way without causing me a headache or her any pain.

To do the coils I first wet her whole head with water then I parted a small square section of hair.  To that section I applied some aloe vera gel from Anita Grant. I love this gel, it has no additives and is super gentle on hair, plus it gives great hold.

After applying the gel, I coiled the hair around my finger making sure to keep the base fairly tight. This style can last about 3-4 days depending on how small you do the parts. Unfortunately, Miss E is a very handsy little girl and the morning after I did the style I discovered she’d pretty much destroyed it during the night. For us, finger coils would have to be a one maybe two day style at most but they do look super cute on her.

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