Building a Regimen

I realised recently that I’ve never really done a post on how to build a hair regimen, though I’ve spoken about mine countless times. There’s a good reason why…I forgot. When I first started my hair journey I spent ages online, reading lots of different articles and blogs posts about regimen building before I felt even remotely ready to build my own. Since I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, here are my top 5 regimen building articles/post for both natural and relaxed hair alike (in no particular order).

1. Hair Regimen Building for NewbiesAudrey Sivasothy
2. Building A Solid Healthy Hair Care Regimen From ScratchLong Hair don’t care
3. Hair RegimenKeep It Simple Sister
4. Your hair routine. How to make it work for youRelaxed Hair Health
5. Regimen Building: Go Ayurvedic Part 1 & Part 2 The Moptop Maven

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