‘I love her hair’, said the Caucasian mother!

I realised something recently, my daughter’s hair is an endless source of fascination and interest for the Caucasian mothers I meet in our daily travels. Whether she’s in full Afro mode or has ponytails in hair bands, I will always get a comment and it’s always positive. Even the other babies try to cop a feel. It made me start paying closer attention to the hair of the other babies around us to try and understand what was so special about Miss E’s barnet. What I noticed was a whole load of bald babies, I kid you not. The few that did have hair, it was usually quite wispy, silky and FLAT!! That was the main difference. Whichever way I styled her hair, whether in its natural glory or intricately coiffed, it tended to protrude a good few inches from her head.

Thus at 6 months old the differences between Miss E and her peers is already evident and noticeable. Right now it’s positive and I pray God it always remains so for her. But chances are it won’t and my job as her mother is to instill in her a strong sense of her self worth and beauty so that she is able to take pride in the very things that make her different!

NB. That is not Miss E in the image above, though weirdly enough it does look like her!