When soft hair becomes a bad thing!

I’m guilty of committing a rookie hair care mistake. I’m still experiencing a bit of postpartum shedding though it has slowed down considerably. However because I’m so used to seeing quite a few strand of hair on washdays it took a bit longer than it should have to realise I was dealing with a bit […]

Long overdue Shower Filter review

Oh Shower filter how I love thee!! To cut a not so long story short, it’s fantastic and everyone should get one….like right now….seriously why are you still here? My hair is always so soft now it just kills me. When I get the trifeca of filtered water, moisturising shampoo and deep conditioner just right, […]

Ayurvedic Haircare

Ayurveda meaning “knowledge for long life” is a system of traditional medicine native to India. The practice of Ayurvedic medicine is thousands of years old and stresses the use of plant-based medicines and treatments to promote a healthy and balanced body and mind. Ayurvedic hair care involves the use of natural, herbs, powders, oils and […]

Building a Regimen

I realised recently that I’ve never really done a post on how to build a hair regimen, though I’ve spoken about mine countless times. There’s a good reason why…I forgot. When I first started my hair journey I spent ages online, reading lots of different articles and blogs posts about regimen building before I felt […]

Moisture-Protein Balance

I’ve spoken briefly about the moisture-protein balance before, which is a really important part of preventing breakage. If you can get this part right then everything else becomes so much easier. Here are few suggestions to help you on the journey to achieving that elusive balance. Firstly, check out ‘The Fine Art of Protein and […]

Dry Hair vs Wet Hair

Previously, when doing my hot oil treatments, I would first wet my hair then apply the oil. I honestly don’t know why I did it this way but it’s the way I’ve always done a hot oil. When I started ‘educating’ myself on all things hair I encountered many discussions on this issue with everybody […]

Why Daily Moisturising is a MUST!!

One of my daily staples and something I’m quite fastidious about is moisturising and sealing my hair daily. A recent conversation with my sister helped me realise that a lot of you might not understand the full importance of this practice and why it’s vital to maintaining healthy hair and retaining growth. Firstly, a bit […]