Natural Inspiration | The Angelica Doll

Since I joined Instagram, I’ve been discovering all sorts of wonderful things. One of these things is the ‘Angelica doll’, created by Angelica Sweeting, the founder of Naturally Perfect Dolls.

Naturally Perfect has one specific aim — to change the standard of beauty for young girls, one doll at a time, and encourage self-acceptance, diversity and exposure. With the help of my daughters, we created the ‘Angelica Doll’ – the first natural hair 18 inch doll for young girls. I’m creating Angelica to let girls know that they are beautiful. Our girls need to see a reflection of their own unique beauty. It’s time for our young girls to have a new standard.”

Now I am not a big fan of Barbie dolls, I think they encourage unrealistic beauty standards in girls and I don’t plan to buy one for Miss E. I am however, a fan of showing her positive images and representations of black people and culture, and it’s for that reason, that I love this doll!! Angelica is 18 inches long, that is a big doll y’all. It means she’ll be solidly built, sturdy and designed to be a toy, not an accessory. She’s black, though that might seem like I’m stating the obvious, up until a few years ago, this was a rarity. She has realistic body measurements, full nose and lips, no makeup and kinky curly hair. This is the deal clincher for me. I love that Angelica has a body, face and hair that my daughter can relate to and learn from. This doll, because of its size could be a very useful tool in the process of teaching little black girls about their hair and skin; how to love it and how to care for it. In short, I am sold on this doll and I think its one, every black mother should seriously consider buying.
The doll is still in pre-production phase. The company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the first production order. Check out their Facebook Page for more images of Angelica and head on over to their Website for more info on the kickstarter campaign and how you can support. As at the time of writing this post, the campaign has raised over $18,000 and is close to reaching its target of $25,000. It’s so encouraging to see the global black community supporting one of it’s own.

The HeavenBerry Hairshow

I am all about the next generation, educating, encouraging and inspiring them so I get really excited when I see them doing the very same thing. Meet HeavenBerry y’all, Youtube’s youngest natural hair vlogger. She’s 9 years old and is rocking the most gorgeous head of natural hair. Her YouTube channel, The HeavenBerry Hairshow 4 Kids is all about helping other children learn about their hair and how to take care of it. She’s confident, knowledgeable and very engaging, she could certainly teach a few of us ‘pros’ a thing or two.


Natural Inspiration | Yara Shahidi

You may have seen our latest natural inspiration Yara Shahidi, in various ads for big names such as Ralph Lauren, GapKids and Guess Kids or acting alongside big names such as Eddie Murphy, Angelina Jolie and most recently Tyler Perry in the movie Alex Cross. This rising star’s style is always on point and I love how she’s repping for the young naturalistas out there.

Natural Inspiration | Skai Jackson

I was idly flicking through TV channels recently when I stumbled across this natural cutie on the Disney Channel. Her name is Skai Jackson and she’s one of the stars of the Disney channel show Jessie. Her beautiful natural hair had me hooked from the get go, but she’s also a very talented actress. I’m all about encouraging the younger generation to love and enjoy their natural hair and this little diva knows how to work it. It’s great to see some inspiration I can show my nieces and cousins and hopefully one-day, daughters.