Dry Scalp Alert | Denman Be-Bop Shampoo Massage Brush

Lately my Seborrheic Dermatitis has flared up in really big way and for various reasons the Shea Goodness Growth Support Serum is not up to the task of dealing with it. I’ve been experiencing some seriously dry, flaky and itchy scalp. I mean the kind that turns white even after a good wash. This means that by wash day there is a fairly thick build-up of dead skin and flakes which can be difficult to remove. Just as I was coming to the end of my tether I found a solution. Whilst hunting through the recesses of my product drawers, I bumped into my Denman Be-Bop Shampoo Massage Brush and had a total eureka moment. This bad boy has made all the difference during my wash days and is just about the only thing that can get my scalp clean. Here’s how I use it.

  1. I secure my hair into 4-8 sections depending on how tangled it is or how lazy I’m feeling. I then start by rinsing through each section thoroughly whilst massaging my scalp with the flat of my fingers. I do this to help soften the dead skin and start the process of lifting away debris from the scalp.
  2. Next I take a section and apply a small amount of shampoo to the SCALP only and once again massage gently with the flat of my fingers (no nails, I know it’s tempting).
  3. Once I have a good lather going, I bring the scalp massager into play. Using small circular motions, I gently run the massager through the scalp in each section making sure to go over the area at least twice. I then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Finally I apply shampoo again, this time concentrating on the mid length and ends of my hair to remove debris that might be trapped. I do a final rinse through to make sure there’s no residue or shampoo left in my hair or on my scalp.

This has been working wonders for me, but as you can imagine, its pretty time consuming so I can only really do it every 7-10 days. To be honest doing it any more frequently could actually irritate my scalp so this works quite well. If you suffer from dandruff or other dry scalp conditions, you might want to give it a try, you can pick one up as cheap as £2.75 from HQHair.


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