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In this country, finding a reputable salon which caters to black hair has always been difficult. This is mainly because the UK hairdressing industry is poorly regulated and unlike the US where you need a cosmetology licence, any old Tom, Dick or Harry can set up a hair salon. I’ve had one or two close shaves (sometimes literally) with some dodgy salons myself.

Well NoScrunchie, the UK’s first salon ratings website for Afro hair is here to help makes things easier. The brainchild of Leillah Sekalala, NoScrunchie was developed as a result of Leillah’s many bad experiences in the salons she visited after moving from Uganda to the UK. The NoScrunchie website allows you to rate your salon experience which in turn helps other users when looking for a good salon. There is also a weekly blog and forum where users can ask questions, offer their own hair tips and advice and generally be a part of the NoScrunchie community.

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