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We’ve been having a bit of a cold spell in the UK lately so when Kveta, the owner of Emma’s Little Creations approached me about reviewing one of her winter hats, it felt like kismet. Kveta is a stay-at-home mum of 5, who started her Etsy shop after the birth of her youngest daughter, Emma. She began by making swaddling blankets and moved to hats after reverse engineering an old hat she owned. Fast forward 6 years and Emma’s Little Creations (ELC) stocks a wide range of custom hats and accessories all hand made by Kveta. She has an awesome motto, which I just love – “Hands to work, heart to God.”

Now did I mention that the hat wasn’t actually for me but for Miss E…yup yup, her very first product review! I’m super fussy about what I put on and in Miss E, but when I discovered that ELC’s hats could be made with a satin lining, I was like oh yeah, we’ll try some of that. Miss E is a back sleeper and has been developing a bald spot in the back of her head from all that time spent snoozing. Thus, I was pretty excited to try something that would keep her warm whilst outside without further exacerbating the problem. I have to say, I initially fell in love with the animal hats and the only reason I did not get a froggy hat is because the hubby threatened me with divorce.

In the end I went for the Fleece Baby Winter Hat with visor and earflaps in cream and pink. I felt this would give Miss E the most protection against the cold and wind.

So how did we get on I hear you ask? In short, we love it!! Miss E can be a bit funny about me putting things on her head and if she doesn’t like something, she invariably pulls it off. The ELC hat definitely got her seal of approval, she was supremely unbothered about having it on, in fact she seemed to get quite calm and chilled once it was on. It is very easy to get on and off, whether her hair is styled or in full afro mode. The fit is great also; I got it in size 6-9 months so there is a bit of growing room. The fleece is soft and the satin lining is plush and thick, all too often people skimp and use a cheaper, thinner grade of satin.  I found Kveta’s workmanship on the hat to be faultless, it even arrived in some pretty pink tissue paper with a cute little tag.  The final test of course is does it keep Miss E warm? My happy answer is yes it does. Miss E is a head sweater and overheats very easily. The hat is able to keep her head and ears warm without making her too hot, plus the visor adds a little bit of sun protection.

The hat is a hit! It is so pretty, especially with the crochet flower in front. If I were to make any changes it would be the lining and only because I’m extra like that. It’s also less of a change and more of an upgrade. I’d switch to full silk which is a natural fibre that gives all the slip of satin but with breathability and moisture retention. I would definitely recommend Emma’s Little Creations hats for both small and grown-up heads. The quality is impeccable and for all my curly haired gals looking to protect their curls and stay warm, its a win win situation! ELC delivers worldwide and stocks both ready to ship and custom items.

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