Why You Need Me

You may be considering using a hair care consultant, but you aren’t sure if you should or if it will be “worth” it. It’s not great when you feel lost or somehow stuck and want to move forward with purpose and focus. I can help you gain clarity about what’s really holding you back and then put strategies into place to make positive changes to your hair care practices.

Hair care coaching can help:

Save time and Energy

There are literally hundreds of haircare blogs and books out there – but who has time to do all that reading only for one book to contradict the last? There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all fix for your unique haircare problems. I can help you build an effective care plan that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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Save Money and Frustration

The cost of hair coaching is on par with the cost of other professional services, and reflects the personalised attention you’ll receive from an expert consultant who analyses the many factors that impact a healthy haircare plan. I will create and aid you in implementing a personalised haircare programme. What’s more, the money you spend on a haircare consultation can save you money in other ways; for instance, unnecessary products and trips to the salon.


Self Care

Using a haircare consultant is just like using any other expert. Just as you’d use a doctor, a beautician or a doula to help you through specific problems, I work specifically on helping you build healthy hair care habits. Using me will give you access to my experience with many different hair types. Your needs are unique and so is your hair. I will get to know you and make recommendations that fit you and your lifestyle.

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Building Self Esteem

When children develop negative associations with their hair and how it looks, it can impact their self-esteem. I can help you and your child ‘learn to love’ your hair again, which will re-build self-confidence.

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