The Book Shelf | Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Parent’s Guide to Beginning Natural Hair Styling

I have been an avid follower of the blog Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care for a while now, even more so since I had Miss E. You see, the blog charts the journey of Rory Mullen as she learned to care for her adopted daughter, Boo’s hair.  What’s so special about the blog is that Rory is white and Boo is black, hence chocolate hair, vanilla care. I have always been impressed by Rory’s dedication to learning about the unique needs of her daughter’s hair and she is now such a pro, she could open up a braiding bar and make serious change!

I haven’t been on the blog in a bit, as I’ve been so busy with Miss E so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I popped over and saw that Rory had released a book.

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Parent’s Guide to Beginning Natural Hair Styling covers basic hairstyles and techniques, from learning to part naturally curly hair to styling cornrows and twists. If you are a transracial adoptive parent, a parent of a biracial child, or caregiver to a young one with kinky-curly hair, this book is everything you need to stat a hairstyling routine with your child. This comprehensive guide is organized so that you can read sections on an as-needed basis, addressing techniques and maintenance that are specific to your family’s needs at any point along your child’s haircare journey.

This book has officially gone to the top of my must buy list. Whilst I know a lot about looking after my natural hair, Miss E’s hair is a whole other kettle of fish. There are several techniques I need to learn or improve such as parting hair, flat twisting and box braids and luckily for me, this book covers these topics and more. It features ‘almost 500 full colour photos, including step-by-step tutorials’ and also covers useful topics such as entertaining your child during styling and maintaining hairstyles.  Being familiar with Rory’s writing style from her blog, I’m very confident that this book will be both informative and easy to read.

I plan to get both the Kindle and print version as I’d like a copy for Miss E and I to read through together and also something quick and accessible on my phone. The book is available from and

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